About Brian

A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Brian’s father migrated from Croatia to Missouri a half a century ago and married his mother who was born and raised in St Louis. Growing up, his mom and dad modeled the importance of family and having a strong work ethic. His father worked a full time job while running a small business and his mother raised two children.

At a young age, Brian recognized the importance of working hard, living as an example and helping others. As the first generation born and raised in the United States, Brian has always been determined to lead a legacy for his family. He believes in challenging the status quo and thinking differently about what his role is as a father, husband and business owner.

In 1992, his family’s tax accountant introduced Brian to the financial business and offered an opportunity to work for him. Brian took him up on the offer the following year and began working closely with a team of financial and tax professionals offering various products and services to clients.

After two years of being in the financial services business, he took his experience and opened his own financial planning business. Shortly after putting his name on the door, Brian made a shift away from the financial industry’s approach of offering products and began focusing on his core belief of helping others and serving the unique planning needs of his clients.

Within a few short years, Brian built a network of professionals offering Tax, Mortgage, Insurance, Legal and Investment services becoming a comprehensive resource for his clients.

Brian has been interviewed on radio stations 97.1 with Dana Loesch and KMOX with Mark Reardon and Debbie Monterey. He authored a book titled Common Sense.

He resides in the St. Louis, Missouri area with his wife Kari. He has three children, Tyler, Malori, Hannah, a daughter-in-law, Taylor and a family dog, Kooper.

(Skrobonja is pronounced Skrō-bone-yŭ)