National Radio Personality & Finance Guru Dave Ramsey Gives St Louis Planner the Nod
St Louis based financial coach, Brian Skrobonja, earns role as an Endorsed Local Provider

St Louis, Missouri (January 27, 2010) Dave Ramsey is one of the most popular personal finance gurus in the United States. He is renowned for his Christian background and no nonsense approach to personal finance, especially when it comes to getting out of debt, staying out of debt, and living financially free.

elp_badge_investing_lgDave uses Endorsed Local Providers (ELPs) to help his listeners implement the strategies he talks about on his radio show. ELPs are experienced professionals in their field who are recommended by Dave to provide investment advice and long term care insurance solutions.
A retirement and financial coach, Brian Skrobonja signed on with Dave Ramsey as an Endorsed Local Provider in December of 2010 for the St Louis and southwestern region of Missouri.
Brian Skrobonja is the founder and president of Skrobonja Financial Group, LLC. With over 18 years of experience, he knows and understands the fears and concerns most investors have about their money.

  • Fear of running out of money in retirement
  • Concerns for how to make it through the ups and downs of the market
  • Uncertainty of how to invest and what to do with money

With his honest and straight forward approach to dealing with the matters important to his clients, Brian is able to help create easy to understand solutions to complex issues.

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Dave Ramsey’s Endorsed Local Provider’s (ELP) apply for membership and are selected based on a set of criteria such as experience and customer service. Once selected, ELP’s pay a fee to cover website maintenance and employment costs. Inclusion as an ELP does not qualify a financial professional to provide investment recommendations or advice. Skrobonja Financial Group, LLC, Dave Ramsey’s Endorsed Local Providers, and NPC are separate and unrelated companies.