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All right! Before we get started I want to give you fair warning – if you have been indoctrinated by a financial personality, are working with an insurance agent, big box stockbroker, bank employee or annuity salesmen, then what you are about to hear is likely going to be radically different than what you have experienced in the past. Trust me… that’s a good thing.

Let me briefly explain….

Many people are experiencing a HUGE disconnect between what they are doing and what they want to achieve. (You may be feeling that right now!) They have 50-60-70% of their money flowing out of their control and may not even realize what is happening. Many people are taking WAY more risks with their investments than they likely realize… And worst of all, many people are doing things that will not get them where they are trying to go. In our opinion, this is crazy. People are being fed bad information often based on hypothetical returns, leading them to make poor decisions with their money. It does not have to be this way.

We know through our decades of experience that there are simple ways to fix these problems. There are real and proven strategies that have worked time and time again to get more money flowing into your control, reduce investment risk and close the gap between what you are doing and what you want to see happen. It’s amazing, but what we find is that a few small tweaks in a portfolio can reduce fees, reduce risk and increase the probability of your goals being met.

Small tweaks = HUGE difference.

If you already have a portfolio or a financial plan in place, great! Most of our clients already had portfolios when they came to us. What they didn’t have was any idea of whether or not their portfolio was sufficient to fulfill their goals.

The difference is our RESULTS IN ADVANCE process where we take your current plan and discover the likelihood of it doing what you want it to do. It is a test of sorts to see if your current plan has what it takes to combat market fluctuations, inflation, tax changes, life changes and whatever else we can throw at it.

I heard a quote several years ago that always stuck with me and I think poses the question we need to answer with where you’re at now.

“If things you thought were true were actually false,
when would you want to know?”

Many people are doing some really good things, but simply doing good things does not mean doing the right things. Some people are doing things that are doing more harm than good, but they think they are doing the right thing. Others are doing the wrong things but were told by a friend, relative or financial advisor that it was the right thing. How do you know what is right or wrong? How do you know what to do?

I encourage you to make a commitment to yourself to:

  • Uncover the truth and learn what’s right for YOU
  • Discover the probability of your plan’s success
  • Learn what money is flowing out of your control
  • Understand the actual risk level in your portfolio
  • Educate yourself on what is actually happening

This is what we do. That’s why I’m here. And that’s why I’m excited and grateful that you are here. My mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help you gain full control of your financial situation so that one day you can experience your goals.

I have spent over two decades educating myself and working with coaches to increase my knowledge and learn how wealth is created. I have helped thousands of business owners and individuals by sharing what I know and navigating them through the overwhelming maze of financial decisions and programs.

If any of this resonates with you, then join us and we will educate you. If you’re still unsure, join us anyway. You only know what you know. If you don’t take a step in a direction, you will stay where you are.

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