Taylor Skrobonja

I’m part of our client service team, working behind the scenes, preparing and gathering account information for our clients annual plan review while supporting our operations team establishing new accounts. I’ve been with Skrobonja Financial since 2017 after graduating from Missouri Baptist University. I’ve chosen to work at Skrobonja Financial because I believe in our team’s commitment to doing what’s right. The strong leadership and shared goals among my colleagues make it feel like a true team environment. Working with a team of talented, hard-working individuals that values integrity pushes me to grow both personally and professionally.

I’m married to Tyler (who also works here), and we’re blessed with three beautiful, kindhearted kids: Waylon, McCoy, and SallyAnn. We enjoy spending time outdoors, watching Meat Eater reruns, and serving in our church. I’m a follower of Jesus and a homebody who loves cozy rainy days, coffee, and a good book. ☕︎