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My name is Brian Skrobonja (pronounced Skrō-bone-yŭ) and I am the founder and president of Skrobonja Financial Group, LLC, a Missouri-based financial advisory firm in St Louis, Missouri.

Whether you have been saving and investing for decades or just getting started on a financial plan, I have helped many people just like you develop a simple and easy to follow strategy for growing and protecting your assets… > Learn More

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What Does It Mean To Have Common Sense with Your Money

“I wrote Common Sense from real-life experiences and transformed that into practical tools and easily understood information that can help equip readers to make smart choices with their money.” – Brian

The Process to Growing and Protecting Your Money

More and more people are seeking strategies that can help them grow while protect the money they have worked hard to accumulate. They are seeking guidance from a team of professionals that can help them make smart choices with their money.

Whether it’s a family beginning their financial planning, a divorced or widowed individual reorganizing their life or someone preparing for retirement, they are all needing to answer three important questions.