About us

Brian Skrobonja founded his company in 1993 and formed Skrobonja Financial Group, LLC to serve the specific needs of select individuals. Our team has had the pleasure of working with an amazing group of clients over the years. While every client has a unique personality and story, the people we work with tend to have very strong similarities.

here’s a quick look at the typical clients we are currently serving:

  • Already Retired
    Our clients who are already retired usually have investable assets over $100,000.

  • Investment Management
    Our investment management clients usually have assets in excess of $250,000.

  • Approaching Retirement
    Our clients approaching retirement are usually within 5 years from actually retiring.

  • Financial Planning
    Our financial planning clients usually have over $25,000 saved and are regularly saving $1,000+ per month outside of 401(k) type programs.

  • Estate Planning
    Our generational estate planning clients usually have a good relationship with their family and have investable assets over $500,000.

  • Business Owners
    Our business owner clients usually have well-established businesses and have positive cash flow.

  • Conservative Clients
    Our clients consider themselves to be “conservative.” They are more inclined to protect what they have while generating a modest return.

  • Family First
    Our clients realize that there is more to life than money. They spend time with their families, help out the community and live each day to the fullest.

  • Team Players
    Our clients tend to view us as part of their team and trust our recommendations.

On the flip side of this, we find our clients…

  • Do not follow markets all day and let daily swings in the market affect their long-term financial plan.
  • Do not call us wanting to buy a stock that their co-worker told them about over lunch.
  • Do not continuously seek ways “to do something better” and poke holes in their current plan.
  • Do not let one bad day in the market derail them from their long-term financial goals.
  • Realize that we are professionals and are compensated for our time and advice. When presented with our fees and potential program charges, our clients simply know that we are looking out for them and do our best to minimize expenses.
  • Do not second guess our recommendations or let outside influences or opinions derail our planning. (They know we have their best interest top of mind).

“My promise is to take the thousands of hours of research I do each year and leverage it to benefit those who place their trust in me and my firm.”

Our Family Office Model

We follow a family office model, which means that we are a full-service financial planning firm offering a wide range of services for our clients. While many financial advisors simply sell investments, we consider your entire financial picture before making any recommendations. We act as fiduciaries for our clients. This means that we have a legal obligation to put clients’ interests before our own in recommendations we make. (We were doing this long before we were told we had to).

Each client goes through our step-by-step process to ensure we get to really know their story inside and out. We help them identify the strengths, challenges, and opportunities they have in achieving their financial goals. Clients will also get access to the latest technology, which allows 24/7 access to all of their accounts, aggregated into one user-friendly platform –no more logging into several different online accounts to see the balances of all your investments.

We believe that our clients deserve the latest technologies, so we are constantly exploring and investing in new platforms. Because of this, our planning approach tends to be more proactive than the typical financial advisor with whom most people are familiar.

Upon completion of our process, our client will receive a custom financial plan, as well as an investment strategy that is unique to them. These plans are primarily built around life events, with retirement being the most common. Other events include big-ticket purchases, wealth transfer, risk management, succession planning (for business owners) and asset protection.

How we are compensated

Since financial advice can mean different things to different people, we tailor programs that we believe are best suited for your unique situation. Before we make any product or service recommendations, we first seek to fully understand your entire financial picture including your goals and aspirations.

Once we understand where you are and what you are trying to do, we then determine if we are positioned to provide the level of assistance you need for what you are seeking to accomplish. It is then – and only then – that we can outline exactly how we would be compensated for assisting you.

However, it is reasonable for you to want to understand the different methods of how we are compensated. Keep in mind that while the following are our different forms of compensation, your specific situation may include one or a combination of these options.

  • Our Flat Fee is $600 and is applied when we are creating comprehensive financial and retirement plans.
  • Our Asset-Based Management Fee is 1% and is applied when our third-party money managers manage investment assets and includes our daily monitoring system.
  • Our Commission Structure varies depending on the type of program being used. As an independent financial advisor, we work with many Financial Institutions who offer hundreds of financial products and services, which can have various fee structures. We review with you the fees and charges once specific products are determined suitable for your unique situation (simply too many to list here).

We understand the importance of transparency of charges and fees. That is why we make it an important part of our conversation when we are developing a customized plan for you. As always, our initial conversation is free of charge.

How we communicate

We communicate regularly with clients via technology (email is preferred). You can also keep track of us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I, or someone on my team, will visit with each client once per year and provide unlimited email support between meetings. I am available for scheduled phone calls to help my clients achieve their goals. Those calls are highly efficient and are strongly encouraged.

Many of our clients are local to St. Louis, Missouri, but we also have many clients all over the United States whom we work with virtually. Under this arrangement, we use web conferencing, phone and email to regularly communicate. Geography is not a factor in how we serve our clients.

To ensure that my time is focused on handling essential client issues, our firm has a fantastic support staff that takes pride in customer service. Our staff’s motto is “Make sure the client is taken care of,” which means they always put our clients’ needs first.

My experience is that it is very difficult for financial advisors and investment managers to actually perform their job if they are on the phone or in meetings all day, every day. Because of this, I block off 2 1/2 days per week to handle client meetings. I also have multiple team members who are able to take care of client needs as they arise. The rest of my days are spent doing research and producing more valuable content that will benefit my clients. If you are the type of person who feels the need to be constantly in direct contact with their advisor, then we probably aren’t going to be the best fit.

Many of our clients are local to St. Louis, Missouri, but we have
many clients all over the United States whom we work with virtually.

How to know if we are the right fit

Most importantly, I feel that clients and their advisors should like one another and work as a team. Good financial planning and investment management doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, patience and trust. I’ve done the best I can at structuring our services in a manner that gives clients personal attention and complete financial management support.

We offer nearly every financial product and service available and have close working relationships with attorneys, CPAs, mortgage and insurance professionals along with industry-leading investment managers.

I know there is always room for improvement and we strive to enhance our capabilities every day. My promise is to take the thousands of hours of research I do each year and leverage it to benefit those who place their trust in me and my firm.

Due to advancements in technology, I’m happy to work with investors all over the United States (as briefly mentioned above). We have a wonderful web-based virtual meeting program that allows me to work with clients in a very personal manner despite being hundreds or even thousands of miles apart.

If you’ve never thought about working with an advisor virtually, I think you’d be pleasantly surprised at how easy, efficient and enjoyable it can be. If you live near St. Louis, I’m more than happy to meet you at our location personally.

Let’s see if we are a good fit

If you’d like to have a conversation about working together, I’d be happy to invest 20 minutes of my time
getting to know you and your financial goals to determine if there’s value I can provide in your life. To set up
an initial meeting, have your questions answered and see if we could be a good fit, just use the button below.


Not ready to schedule an appointment?

No problem! You can ask us any question on retirement. We do our best to respond to questions via email within 24 hours, and while we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to help everyone, we do our best to at least get you the answers you need so you don’t make a long-term commitment to a complicated financial product you might later regret.

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