The Cashflow
Confidence System

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A System To Help You Achieve Full Financial Confidence
By Creating Cashflow Like The Wealthiest Amongst Us

Have you ever...

Thought About How Much Better Your Life Would Be If You Had The Same Information And Resources As The Most Financially Successful?

With the Cashflow Confidence System, you can!

We have worked with thousands of business owners, families, and individuals distilling down the FIVE STEPS that separate the wealthy from the rest.

The Cashflow Confidence System is designed to help you optimize your cashflow like the most financially successful clients we’ve worked with so you can confidently invest your time, money and energy into what brings you the most joy in life… Whether that’s your next business venture or traveling the world with your family.

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Imagine No Longer Having To:

Our dedicated Wealth Team will FutureProof your entire financial situation, connect you to the resources you need to bring your plan to fruition, and help align your money with your goals. 

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All in five simple steps.

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Get Clarity

The first step that all wealthy individuals take is getting clear on all their true desires. We’ll align your cashflow and resources with your goals so you can focus on what matters most to you in life.

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Identify Roadblocks

Identifying the roadblocks standing in your way and keeping you from achieving your goals is the key to overcoming them. We’ll take inventory of your current financial picture and examine which resources are propelling you toward your goals and which ones are holding you back.

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Build A Foundation

It’s critical to look at the pieces of your financial plan that pose the greatest risks in order to uncover any blind spots and ensure you are protected. We’ll solidify the foundational pillars to make sure your financial plan is strong from multiple angles.

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Mirror Success

Success leaves clues, and there are key principles the top 1% use to manage their wealth and build legacies for their family. We’ll come up with a custom plan using proper diversification, set formulas and strategic estate planning that mirrors how the wealthy manage their assets.

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Map Progress

Our Wealth Team will be there for you each step of the way to help you focus on your plan, evaluate your progress, avoid potential pitfalls, and make the necessary adjustments to keep you on track and moving toward your biggest goals and dreams.

Ready to find your Cashflow Confidence with the guidance of our Wealth Team as your Full-Service Financial Concierge?

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Solutions For Your Unique
Goals & Stage Of Life

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The Cashflow Confidence System was created with the recognition that all financially successful people have three stages of wealth they must go through. 

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First, they build
their wealth

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then they use their
wealth in retirement

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then they leave their
wealth for future

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First, they build their wealth

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then they use their wealth in

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then they leave their wealth
for future generations. 

Each phase requires an entirely different set of priorities and methods for achieving the
desired outcome. 

That’s why we created different programs for each phase of life, to meet you where you are and help you achieve your unique goals. 

Wealth Accelerator Roadmap

Wealth Accelerator Roadmap is our process for guiding you through building your assets and what to focus on to accelerate your wealth. In this phase, we create your Wealth Accelerator Roadmap to accelerate you toward your desired goal using five elements of the Wealth Acceleration Roadmap as the bridge to get you there.

Our process guides you through what you need to do and when you need to do it. The entire system is designed to deliver everything that is required for you to build wealth without the need to jump from one idea to the next in an effort to get ahead. Each step is laid out for you in advance without any guess work or confusion.


We believe that Financial Freedom (aka Retirement), can be achieved at any age and isn’t restricted to social security eligibility. The age at which you enter into this phase, relies entirely on the level of commitment you have with completing phase one, The BUILD Wealth System™.

Our Assets2Income™ Program is your direct link into financial freedom status by transitioning you away from relying on earned income to having passive income. This program uses a proprietary method for designing, testing and implementing your unique retirement income strategy.

Many people believe they have a plan in place but we don’t think hope is a strategy. We like certainty which is why we begin this phase with our Certainty Index™. This test verifies the extent of which your assets support your retirement needs. Then we perform a stress test to learn the probability of your money sustaining itself against market volatility, inflation, taxes, longevity, medical expenses and lifestyle change.

Through this testing, we can uncover gaps that exist within your retirement plan and work to strategically fill those gaps. The result is your ability to confidently transition into retirement with certainty, knowing there will be reliable, consistent income flowing to you so you can enjoy your life free of worrying about cash flow.

Once achieved, you enter into our graduation phase,
The Legacy Method™

The Legacy Method

The Legacy Method™ is the next phase in the Cashflow Confidence System and was created for those who have reached financial freedom status and who wish to leave an organized and meaningful legacy behind for their family.

Our Family Legacy Framework captures details about your families’ dynamics, belief system, and financial situation that will unpack what is most meaningful to you. Good or bad, your legacy is already set in motion and this tool will help you gain perspective on what legacy you are currently on track to leave behind for your family.

The Legacy Method™ takes the results of the Family Legacy Framework and uses it to create a framework to ensure your assets and your wishes are in alignment with your vision for your family.